Workers in Iran2

Producer: David Aram

 News headlines from some labor protests in June 2017


 Retired workers’ protests of Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company

On June13

340 retired workers of Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company, Following their protest for dishonesty To pay four per cent of employer contributions to the social security fund accounting area to sit out.

Employers announced during a meeting with representatives of the workers to pay 25 percent byJune10, The workers were demanding payment of ten million. But it was not approved. If not declared the workers to continue the protest. The after the protest, they got their April wages.

Before that, more than a thousand employees and retired sugarcane with their families gathered at the company and were demanding their April wages.

After the divestiture to the private sector, The new management has proven to deploy security forces at company And furnish it to the camera to control the workers, the factory has become virtually the barracks. Workers also complain And protests demanding the withdrawal of police and gathering CCTV cameras.

On June15

Five hundred Daily worker strike in Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company, protest the non-payment of wages stopped working and gathered in the factory,

Following the strike and rally, plant manager announced to workers, That the factory had contact with the Chairman of the Board Is set up, workers are paid next week for an Apil wage. The workers 4 months of wages, benefits and eight months of December and January are owed.


since last year, They have of assembly and protest have been able to take part of their rights.

On June13

. Azerbaijan development Industry workers continue protests

Azerbaijan development Industry workers on the third day of strikes to protest the delay in wages and lack of job security more than a year and a half, stopped working And gathered in the plant area ,In addition to the legal deferred workers premiums in the past few months unpaid and workers in the field of health  to renew their current treatment Book have been difficulty also, shuttle service and a hot meal is terminated. Workers said that if they do not get answer calls from the factory turned out to protest outside the factory.

On June14

Ahvaz eight area municipalities workers protest entered the second day

Green Space Treaty area factory workers eight districts one, two and three municipalities in Ahvaz On behalf of the 700 employees working in this sector for the second consecutive day, To protest the non-payment of bonuses end of the year and late in paying two months benefits gathered outside the governor’s building to protest.

On June9

Neyriz municipal workers gathered in front of City Hall

A group of contract workers Neyriz Municipality City gathered in front of City Hall to protest the delay in payment of their wages for two months.

National Steel Industrial Group workers gathered again in Ahvaz

 Following protests in the past, due to the postponement of two months pay and non-pay of last five Years so far gathered in front of the Khuzestan province building. This company has 4 thousand workers of a construction company by Amir Mansour Arya Investment Group in Khuzestan province.After Misappropriation, 3 billion scandals, And the seizure of troubled companies, the main accused in the case is run under the supervision of the judiciary.

On June13

South Pabdana miners gathered for a second day

about 300 miners gathered for a second day to protest the non-payment of their wages demonstrated 6 to 8 months.

Karun fish Shushtar Workers protest

Workers protest the lack of job security after the sale of the company .

On June 13  Workers protest in the Municipal Utilities District 2 Abadan For the third time this month, protesting non-payment of three months salary and other content in front of City Hall, Central.

Workers of the world united

 Workers Solidarity Network of the Middle East and North Africa