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 News headlines from some labor protests in June 17- July 3, 2017

The first, second and third of July, 2017:  A new round of HEKO workers ‘protests

About 900 workers of the Hepko Machine Building Plant in Arak, on The first, second and third of July, started a new round of gathering  in protest of the failure of The promise of the employer to pay their four and a half months’ unpaid wages and other demands.  They marched in the middle of the city

– June 15, 2017: A brutal attack on the protest rally by the miners in Aqq-dareh

The protest rally of the abandoned workers of the Aqq-dareh gold mine with their families was faced with a brutal attack by the law enforcement force. The gathering of these workers was against unemployment, A number of youth working in the village, some of whom were already working on the mine, were present at the request for work at the rally. Approximately 13 people were injured in the course of this criminal assault . In this brutal attack, ten people have also been arrested. Campaign for the release of imprisoned workers (Free them now) urged to condemn this brutal attack and the immediate release of detained workers.

– June 20, 2017: The protest gathering of the personnel of the Kabul Telecommunication Network in front of the Mashhad Central Telecommunication Authority

More than 200 workers from Kabul Telecommunication Company’s Mashhad Cable Network gathered to implement the occupation classification scheme in front of the Khorasan Razavi Telecommunications Corridor. The company has 300 workers. In addition, they are demanding direct contracts with the telecommunications company and the elimination of discrimination Among workers. According to the workers, the company’s three hundred employees The company does not have a contract for seven months .there Protests continue.

After two weeks of protest, tele workers in other provinces joined the protest. And on July 2, Telecom threatened to expel the workers. In response, the workers said they were not afraid of being fired and continued to protest. Following this, tele workers in various provinces strike in support of their colleagues in Mashhad and against insulting the administration.

-June 19, 2017: About 100 employees of the Zahedan City Municipality gathered in front of the municipal organization in protest of non-payment of 5-6 months’ wages.

June 19. 2017: Workers of “Mashhad Nak” gathered to protest the closure of the factory and expel them from work.

Continuation of protests by the Haft Tapeh Sugarcane workers due to the lack of work of the employer since May 28th again resumed their protests. Thirty workers were dismissed as the leader of the protests, This issue again provoked the workers and the strike resumed. The workers have yet to pay wages and some of their other benefits. They are protesting the presence of law enforcement and equipping the factory with closed circuit camera.

The retired workers of the factory on May 30 succeeded in imposing a Payment of 4% of the shares was made by the employer, As a result, their retirement problem was solved.

– June 21, 2017: The protest rally of the abandoned workers of Azarab Arak.

After the assignment of the Azarab Plant in Arak to the new contract, about 22 workers were dismissed by the employer in the paint and plaster section of the factory. And yet, their three-month wage delay is not yet clear. 1500 Contract Workers In this factory, they are required to pay their unpaid 7 months for 3 months of arrears.and they object to this issue and the uncertain status of supplementary health insurance and Qarzul Hassaneh Fund of this industrial unit.

June 19, 2017: 200 workers in the green areas of one, two, and two Ahwaz municipality districts continued their third day of a strike against Ahwaz Governorate’s building. These workers have not been paid wages since March.

June 18, 2017: Approximately 200 employees of the contract of service of the Ahwaz Municipality district two have not been paid in the past few months. For the second consecutive day, they gathered simultaneously at the central building of the municipality and city of Ahvaz.

– June 18, 2017: Tehran Metro staff gathering ended with the employer’s promise.

Factory workers “Expanding the development of Azerbaijani Industry Since the month of March they had ceased to protest their wage arrears  At the promise of the employer and government officials, they temporarily terminated their Guild protest. These workers have a year and a half non-paid wages and are in danger of unemployment.

– June 18, 2017: Workers of two Hashoni coal mines and 12-14 Kouhobnan stopped working to pay their demands, About 200 workers and their families closed the route by gathering at the entrance to the mine of 12-14.

-June 17, 2017: About 150 workers from the Pars-Qooh factory gathered in their work area in protest of the non-payment of last February’s wages and the wage demands of March and April 2006, and the fact that the plant reopening in the area was not clear.

June 17, 2017: 96 workers from the northern municipality organized a protest rally in protest of their lack of rights in the Delfan governorate. These workers have not been paid for more than 7 months.

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