A wave of solidarity and support for earthquakes victims

November 12 earthquake shook the power of more than seven degrees Richter west of Iran. The earthquake has become a human disaster. Many people lost their lives during this process. Many were wounded, thousands displaced. The human catastrophic dimensions of this earthquake and the high vulnerability of people against it have deeply agitated the people. People are also protesting the lack of government assistance and even the blockage of people’s aid. A wave of solidarity and support for earthquakes victims has been launched in various cities of Iran. Labor and Social Associations such as the bus company Syndicate, the Haft Tapeh Sugarcane Syndicate, the Free Trade Union of Workers of Iran, the Writers ‘Association of Iran, the National Council of Teachers’ Associations, the Associations and Institutions of People in Different Cities, Mohsen Omrani, a Prisoned Teacher, have declared solidarity with the earthquake victims, They called all people for giving help to earthquake victims. And also many of whom have announced their readiness for this relief. This sponsored and global support is ongoing in the social media and among various sections of the population in Iran.
November 20, 2017

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