Workers in Iran 11, October 22 to November 18

The earthquake of more than seven Richter in the west of the country and its catastrophic humanitarian dimensions and a wave of solidarity and support for earthquake survivors, Continuation of protests by retirees gathering on 22nd November in front of Rouhani’s office, steel industry retirees gatherings in Esfahan, in front of the Islamic parliament in Tehran on November 29, Statement of 7 workers ‘organization in support of Mahmoud Salehi, a well-known workers’ figure, along with other widespread protests Workers at various centres are important news headlines and labor issues in recent days
-On November 13, about 3000 teachers, social workers, paramedics and nurses retirees from all provinces gathered in front of the Rouhani’s office in Tehran to follow up their basics demands. In this gathering a group steel industry retirees also participated. In addition, Khorasan’s retirees gathered retirees of Khorasan province were gathered in front of the city’s governorate on November13
-The call for steel retirees to gather in Tehran
On November 29, Steel retirees have from various cities gathered in front of the Islamic parliament in Tehran..90,000 steelworkers retired face many problems, such as non-payment of salaries, high cost of treatment, low salaries and housing insecurity
Steel retirees gathered in Isfahan on Nov. 21, 22, 24 and 25 (Nov. 12 to Nov. 16) in front of the city’s retirement office on Nashat street and Governor’s Ave for two consecutive days. On November 25, they Marched in the middle of the city With their slogans against the unpaid wages, and poverty. This protest attracted the attention of the people of city. Non-payment of wages in Iran today is a major social dilemma among workers, teachers, retirees, and many wage-earners. This is an important issue in the protests of the workers and many of the wage-earners. A steel recruitments call in all cities is to gather every day until their their demands answered. Part of the these works has not been paid since 6 years ago. Their monthly wages are also paying late .
– On Thursday, November 17, retired Kayan Tire workers, who have been claiming their pension payment since six years ago and have been paid in instalments rallied in protest…
-On Monday, November 6, oil tanker drivers in Bushehr city stopped working and strike because of their lack of care.
On November 4, a group of abandoned workers at the National Oil Products Distribution Company of Ahwaz gathered in front of the governorate building in Khuzestan. During their protests against unemployment after the transfer of some of the fuel stations to the private sector.
-Electricity strike of Shirvan combined cycle:
November 15: The third day of the strike of workers at Shirvan city combined cycle power plant in protest over working conditions and their unpaid wages. These workers have not been paid since July.
-23 November: Protest rally in Abadan Municipal Services in protest of their 6 Months unpaid wages.
-23 November: Protest rally of workers at the Abadan Oil & Gas workers Company, who works at Abadan Oil Refining Company. they protested in front of Arvand Free Zone against their 28 month not paying ‘ salaries and benefits.
-On November 7, a group of retired steelworkers representing 90,000 retired steelworkers gathered in front of the Islamic regym “Ministry of Labor” in Tehran.
-On November 5, a group of retired steel industry workers in Khuzestan gathered in protest of their 6 minths non-payment wages in front of Governorate.
-November 6, municipal employees of Sarwabad gathered in front of the Sarabagh Municipality for not paying more than seven of their salaries and two and a half their extra work wages.
-On the morning of November 7th, about 50 workers from the South Pars phases 14, gathered in the workshop area in protest of months delayed payment claims.
-On October 30, 3000 retired people, educators, social workers, gathered in front of the plan and budget organization, in accordance with the previous plan, to meet their demands against the plan and budget organization. The protests continued on October 31, 1st and 2nd of November.
-On November 7, 2000 workers of Phase 13 of Assaluyeh went on strike to protest the 5-month payout delay.
-On October 25, workers of the Pars Rubber Company, the manufacturer of heavy-duty passenger cars and sub-sectors of the Industry and Mine Bank, entered their second week of their strike.
-On November 21, 22, and 23, a group of unemployed youth gathered in Abadan to protest widespread unemployment and discrimination and inequality against the city’s governorate building.
Massive campaign in condemnation Mahmoud Salehi ‘s arrest.
On Saturday, October 28, Mahmoud Salehi, a prominent activist of the Iranian Labor Movement, was arrested by the Islamic police in front of the hospital door , while the dialysis device was connected to him. He transferred to Saghez prison to serve a one-year sentence. The brutal arrest of Mahmoud Salehi has been raging with anger and protest, and there is now a massive campaign to condemn his arrest and to release him and all political prisoners,and called for immediate release of Mahmoud Salehi and all all political prisoners. Their demand is the abolition of security sentences issued to labor activists, teachers, and the public.
Protest statements condemning Mahmoud Salehi’s arrest.
Workers’ organizations in the name of the Free Trade Union Workers of Iran, the Kermanshah Electric and Metal Workers’ Union, the Haft Tapeh sugar cane workers syndicate, the Alborz Painting Syndicate, the Labor Defenders’ Association, the Co-ordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organisations in Iran and the Committee to Pursue the Establishment of Workers’ Organisations in Iran in a joint statement in defence of Mahmoud Salehi called for his unconditional release. They considered the consequences of any physical harm to him to the highest judicial and executive authorities in the country. In this regard, these organizations have issued a separate statement calling for the release of Mahmoud Salehi, Reza Shahabi, Ismail Abdi, Mohsen Omrani, Mokhtar Asadi, Mahmoud Beheshti, and all political prisoners.
Last week, 536 workers, cultural and social activists also, By signing a statement have supported Mahmoud Salehi. In this regard, apart from the mentioned workers’ organizations, there were also a number of workers and teachers, including a group of workers and social activists, such as Abdullah Belwaisi, Sydeh unit, Yousef Ab Kharabat, Yagid Ghotbi, Abbas Karimi, Fardin Miraki, Bahram Gorgan, Seyyed Ali Hosseini and Yadi Samadi, a group of workers and workers activists in Baneh, a group of teachers, workers and protesters, a group of labor activists, social workers and teachers of Marivan city, a group of activists against unemployment – Tehran, Sanandaj, and Kamyaran, strongly Condemned detained Mahmoud Salehi And demanded his unconditional release. Similarly, well-known workers and figures such as Javanmir Moradi, Jafar Azimzadeh, Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, Parvin Mohammadi, Osman Esmaili have protested to the arrest of Mahmoud Salehi and demanded his release and all political prisoners.
Internationally, the International Union of Industrial Workers (INDUSTRIAL), Sharon Barro, Secretary-General of the International Confederation of Trade Unions and Amnesty have condemned Mahmoud Salehi’s arrest and pressure on labor leaders and activists and imprisonment sentence.
A wave of solidarity and support for earthquakes victims
November 12 earthquake shook the power of more than seven degrees Richter west of Iran. The earthquake has become a human disaster. Many people lost their lives during this process. Many were wounded, thousands displaced. The human catastrophic dimensions of this earthquake and the high vulnerability of people against it have deeply agitated the people. People are also protesting the lack of government assistance and even the blockage of people’s aid. A wave of solidarity and support for earthquakes victims has been launched in various cities of Iran. Labor and Social Associations such as the bus company Syndicate, the Haft Tapeh Sugarcane Syndicate, the Free Trade Union of Workers of Iran, the Writers ‘Association of Iran, the National Council of Teachers’ Associations, the Associations and Institutions of People in Different Cities, Mohsen Omrani, a Prisoned Teacher, have declared solidarity with the earthquake victims, They called all people for giving help to earthquake victims. And also many of whom have announced their readiness for this relief. This sponsored and global support is ongoing in the social media and among various sections of the population in Iran.
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