Workers in Iran 12

 Producer: David Aram

News headlines from some labor protests

November 18 to December

Workers Solidarity Network of the Middle East and North Africa (Coordinator:


-On the morning of December 10, a number of workers at the Lavan Tablou ne months payout.

-December 12 Accumulation of Academic teachers across the country  gathered in front of parliament. The demands of these teachers are the official recruitment in occupational education and job security.

-On December 11th, Kian Tire’s workers gathered in front of Rohani”s office in protest to the risk of shutting down the factory and losing their jobs. Workers are worried about their job security. Kayan Tire’s retired workers also had a similar rally in front of the Ministry of Industry and Mines on December  19 for their unpaid work entitlement since six years ago that they have been retired.

-According to the news, December 10, 56-day strike of Tabriz Combine Workers continues due to wage arrears

-December 10 Workers from the Persian Gulf Transport Company gathered in Fatima Square in protest of their payrolls against a government-run corporation.

-December 10 workers of the city of Khorramshahr gathered to protest not receiving their 5-month salary.

– December 3 Workers of Azar Shahd Urmia Company gathered in protest against failure to pay 6 months of their nonepaid salary.

-December 2 Municipal workers gathered for nine months postponement of wages, in front of the Nazarabad municipality of Alborz province.

-December 16, 17, 18 retired Isfahan steelworkers gathered at the crossroads opposite the Office of the Steel Fund due and in front of the governorate to the postponement of their salaries. On December 17 and 18 Two Thousand retired steel workers marched on the streets of the city and chanted slogans against thefts and the bad condition of their lives.

-On November 28, a group of “mana-sprague” workers gathered in Abyak, Qazvin province, in protest of the 7-month postponement of their salaries and other trade demands, they met in front of the entrance to the factory.

-On November 28, workers from the Khorramshahr municipality gathered in front of the city’s municipality due to their lack of salaries and benefits over the past five months.

-On November 28, a group of firefighters gathered in Mashhad to protest their job uncertainties in front of the municipality.

-On Nov. 26, more than 100 dismissed workers at the Ars Khodro Diesel Company (AMIKO) gathered in front of the entrance to the Aras Free Zone in protest of the layoffs and violation of their rights by the employer. A hundred workers were fired.

-At noon on November 26, the workers of “Sangin Karan Arak” Company gathered from the Private Petrochemical Company of Bandar Imam Khomeini, due to their expulsion, against the governorate of Mahshahr.

-On November 20, steel industry retirees gathered in front of the Islamic Parliament on several occasions this year. It was a nationwide gathering of delegations from various provinces.    These retirees on the first day of December also gathered in front of the Islamic Assembly. The urgent need for retirees to pay wages related to the enforcement of suspended sentences and the right to care and their hard labor, which has not been paid since 2012, is the timely payment of salaries and the cost of their treatment.

-On November 19, families of workers from the Bafq’s Phosphate Complex gathered in front of the governor’s building in protest of non-payment of three months’ salaries and a five-month premium for their wives. In the protest rally of the workers ‘wives, the workers’ rights base was reduced from 1 million 500 thousand tomans (Iranian currency) to 1 million 100 thousand tomans,  And since 4 months ago, only two million tomans have been paid to the workers, even if they are not given Payroll, and said they would rejoin if they did not respond.

-November 20 Omidiyeh group of people for employment in oil companies, a protest rally took place against the front of the accounting firm of Oil Company.

-On November 20, 50 retired workers in Kashan pointed to the unequal wages and the failure to implement some of the social security organization’s obligations, including the construction of a social security hospital in the city, And to reconcile pensioners with the Social Security Organization with other organizations in front of the Social Security Branch of the city, they were demanding to act on promises.

-On November 21, urban workers from the city of Miandoab gathered in front of the Governorate of West Azerbaijan. These workers are demanding 7 months’ salary and turning their status.

-On November 21, workers of the rigorous construction company at Zarand Steel Works struck a protest against their 10-month payout by closing down at the Zarand Steel Plant.

– Dec. 15, according to a pre-announced call, 15,000 retirees gathered to pursue their demands in front of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. This was the largest gathering of retirees this year. The rally was attended by retired teachers, retirees, civil servants, social workers and many retired steel workers.

– At the same day it was  protest gathering of retirees.In other cities like Hamedan, Abadan and Esfahan,.

– At 9:00 AM December 11, the steel workers  in Kerman, according to a pre-announced call, along with coal workers, gathered in front of the city’s retirement fund, and with the slogans of salaries are our due right and a rash of embezzlement, our problem is resolved, their protest Have announced. Families also participated in the rally and their presence was impressive. The protest of retired Kerman coal workers is postponing their salary and premium payments. 85,000 retired steel workers face many problems, such as non-payment of salaries, high cost of treatment, low salaries and housing costs, and have repeatedly gathered.

-The struggle of Haft Tapeh sugar cane plantation and mill complex in city of Shush, southwestern Iran still continues.

Dec 12, 2017, Based on a report of Sugar Cane syndicate of Haft Tape the factory is still closed on December 12th, 2017 and the workers with their families presented in the company area in front of management building. At the same time some workers showed up in front of management office and sugar storage. Also some workers representatives attended to governor office of Shush. Up to now 4000 workers have joined the campaign.

Under the pressure of workers they got paid only one month of the wages for last five months overdue, and the officials promised to pay another month in a few days if the workers go back to work. But the workers do not believe management promises and demand full wages.

The striker workers demand all promises be documented with workers representative, the provincial officials and responsible institutions in the city of Shush. The workers added that in case of detention or any firing they will continue their strike. The struggle of Haft tape workers demand is for 5 months due wages and insurance.

The workers want all their rights and they said promises is enough.

The Labour Start web site has a petition that you can sign and joined in support of Haft Tape Sugar cane workers.


Free Them Now

On December 3, Mohammad Karimi, a member of the Coordinating Committee, was arrested and sent to the Buccan Prison to help form labor organizations to execute his three-year prison sentence on security charges.

On December 3, Mohammad Karimi, a member of the Coordinating Committee to help create labor organizations was arrested and sent to the Bukan Prison for execution of his three-year prison sentence, with security charges.

On December 3, the Islamic Court Appealed, Ibrahim Madadi, vice chairman of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company Syndicate, was held at Branch 36 of the Revolutionary Court Appeal. He was sentenced to five years and three months with security charges.

According to a report released the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company in the meetings held on December 13 with Reza Shahabi’s family with him in prison, the left half of the face has fallen out and under his eyes has a special sinking.  According to Reza Shahabi, his doctor has said he had a mild stroke. According to another report, Ms. Robabeh Rezaie, wife of Reza Shahabi, on Saturday, December 16th, three days after a mild stroke, Once again, the problem has worsened, an emergency from prison was transferred to Imam Khomeini Hospital.

But despite these worrying news, Islamic criminals have not hospitalized Reza Shahabi. Specialist physician of Reza Shahabi had previously stated that his physical condition was bad and should not be kept in jail.

Reza was repeatedly suffering from blood pressure and nosebleeds in prison, And despite all this, Islamic criminals kept him in jail and did not do anything for him. He is still in detention after a stroke, Reza Shahabi’s situation is worrying

We strongly and broadly protest against this criminal act of the Islamic government.

Reza Shahabi is a prominent figure in labor and a member of the vahed (Bus Company) syndicate.

He spent many years in jail for his charges of security allegations under the title “Disrupting National Security and Order. The date of his release was recorded on the eight of January. Meanwhile, Reza Shahabi has completed his 5-year sentence on September 16, 2015.

And with the pressure of Tehran’s prosecutor’s office, and on the pretext that he had not been approved for three months, he introduced himself to Rajaishahr prison for three months of imprisonment.

But after his arrival in prison, the execution of prison sentences to Reza Shahabi was announced that 968 days had not been approved from medical leave and had been absent, and should be in prison for the equivalent of absenteeism.

In a protest against the verdict, he had fifty days of hunger strike, and a global campaign was launched in support of him. Under the pressure of the protests, they promised him to file his case. Despite all this, Reza Shahabi has been kept in custody.

The syndicate of the vahed (bus company), while announcing the news, called for his immediate and unconditional release, and has considered the security and prosecutor’s offices in Tehran and the prison authorities responsible for his life.

Life of Reza Shahabi is in danger,

We expect all labor organizations and humanitarian organizations around the world to condemn the Islamic regime for the obvious crime against Reza Shahabi and all political prisoners in prison.

And demand the immediate and unconditional release of Reza Shahabi and his treatment.

We are waiting for your actions

Campaign to Free Jailed Workers  in Iran