Behnam’s Life Is in Danger!

Urgent News about Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, a Well Known Working Class Figure

In recent days, because of news broadcasted in cyberspace regarding involvement of some personnel of Rejaii Shahr Prison in importing drugs into the jail, they have summoned Behnam and are threatening him in order to force him to declare this news false. Behnam has said that he is not aware of news and has refused to do this work. The prison authority has moved Behnam to the suit number 35 of the 10th ward of Rejaii Shahr Prison. This is the same room to which those prisoners who have committed murder are transported, before execution, on the last night of their life. On 27th of December, during taking morning-statistics, Behnam did not sit on the counting-line in order to show his protest. A guard officer by the name of Torabian was inciting prisoners who have committed murder to beat up Behnam. But they pay no attention to him. He starts cursing Behnam. Then he calls two prisoners who have committed murder both outside of and inside of prison and asks them to beat Behnam up. He promises them support and tells them that if an incident happened he will say that Behnam has committed self-mutilation. But these two prisoners inform Behnam of the situation.

This event is a sample of plan and collusion to murder political prisoners in prisons of Islamic Republic.

Behnam Ebrahimzadeh’s situation is very urgent. There is an urgent need for an international campaign and world wide support. Behnam is an activist defending the rights of workers, children, and humans. But he has been in jail since 2010 due to fabricated files and security accusations. Although he has served his five year sentence, he has been sentenced to another seven years and ten months in a new case. On top of all this, Behnam has been inflicted with multitude of illnesses due to intense tortures in prison and needs immediate treatment. Behnam’s son, Nima Ebrahimzadeh, is ill with cancer, and not being on his side is a continuous emotional and psychological torture for Behnam. Behnam views his struggle as righteous and is demanding the cancelation of unjust sentences for him and for all other workers and social activists. Behnam must be freed now. Support for Behnam is urgent. Support Behnam in any way you can.

Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran (Free Them Now)
Shahla Daneshfar,

December 27,2016