Behanm Ebrahim Zadeh is in a life threatening situatin

Today (December 26th) Behnam Ebrahim Zadeh is on his 25th day of hunger strike. Behanm is a famous worker activist and children rights activist. He is protesting because prison authorities have put him in the unit of the prison which is for dangerous and criminal prisoners and Behnam is demanding to be sent back to political prisoners unit which is on the unit 12 of the prison. Behanm started a dry hunger strike on 19 December and after 3 days when authorities promised to send him back to the political prisoners unit, stopped his dry hunger strike but continued with normal hunger strike, drinking just water. Now again when the prison authorities have failed to meet their promises and continue to keep Behnam in the drug dealers unit, Behnam has warned that he will start another dry hunger strike from tomorrow. A dry hunger strike is life threatening specially for Behnam who has become very weak after nearly one month of hunger strike.

 We call on all workers organizations, unions, human lovers to support Behnam Ebrahim Zadeh and protest Islamic Authorities in Iran to respect Behnam,s rights in prison. Now it is more than 4 years that Behnam is in jail because of defending workers and children’s rights in Iran. His son Behnam has got blood cancer and he is in hospital without being able to have his dad next to him.

Champagne to free jailed workers in Iran(Free Them Now)