Workers in Iran 7

Producer: David Aram
News headlines from some labor protests in August 31 to September 5, 2017

September 5rd, workers of the of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company together with students and other labor activists and teachers gathered in front of the Islamic parliament and the surrounding streets in support of Reza Shahabi, a member of the executive board of this union. The gathering was held in response to a call by Ms. Robabeh Rezaie, wife of Reza Shahabi, in support of Reza and her wishes. They chanted Reza Shahabi should be released.. Jailed workers should be released.
September 3rd: The protest of the Hepco workers in Arak in the middle of the city under the slogan ( we do not live oppression Life”, we sacrifice our lives for Freedom.
Workers at Hepko’s factory have not received full wage claims since January of this year. They also have trouble extending their booklets due to non-payment of their insurance premiums.
The previous gathering of these workers took place on August 30th. On that day, the workers of Hepco blocked the Malek Street and, with the slogan “Do not resolve our problem,” Arak resists, once again stood up with the authorities and demanded their rights.
August 30: A protest march for 1,800 Azar Ab workers in Arak in protest of their six months’ unpaid wages and the problem of extending the office, what the insurance and uncertain status of the factory.
Retirees continue to pursue their demands
– The retirees of Tehran, Alborz, Qazvin, Qom and the satellite cities gathered at 10 am on September 5th, The first nationwide retirement gathering was held on August 22, which was somehow a milestone. In this move, the protest again marked the union of retirees and workers, the unity of the teacher, the worker, the nurse.
– On August 28th, about 30 workers from the emerging tissue paper factory from 9 am to around 18 o’clock in protest of non-payment of eight months’ wages and non-payment of their premiums, plant closures and the risk of losing their jobs at the factory site Gathered.
On August 28, shipbuilding workers in Bahr Gostar gathered in protest of at least four months’ unpaid wages and suspended some of their job prospects in front of their workplace in pursuing their two-day protests.
On August 27, 300 high- electric power workers, representing 8,000 colleagues from different cities across the country, came to Tehran and protested against the Ministry of Energy in Tehran ,workers are keen to turn their state into a direct contract with the Ministry of Energy and have repeatedly engaged in global gatherings to fulfill their demands.
– On August 27 and September 3th retired steel workers from Tehran, Kerman, Isfahan, Mashhad, Mobarakeh, Underwater, Tabas, Semnan, Shahrood and Sangrud came to Tehran. Representing 85,000 retired steel workers in front of the president Rohani’s office. Steel retirees have been loyal to the salaries of the month of August and the non-payment of some other benefits from the past five years.
-On August 30, youth workers from the city of Mohr, Once again protested against unemployment and gathered in front of the House of Representative’s office in the city. These young people who have created a committee called the youth employment committee of the city, are calling for youth employment in the regional industry.

– On August 30th, teachers from the Kohdadasht University were gathered in front of the city’s education building in protest of their lack of employment and losing their jobs.
1500 workers from the Haft Tape Sugar Cane Complex have been protesting to their three-month unpaid wages since August31th.
On Sept. 2, 97 The workers of the Ahwaz city train project (Kayson Company) continued to strike for the thirtieth eighth day of the strike. They protested against Kishon’s company and closed the entrance to the workshop.
The message of the solidarity of the Haft-Tape Sugar Cane Syndicate to the 27th IUF World Congress (Federation of Trade Unions for Agricultural, Food, Hospitality, Restaurant, Food Distribution and Tobacco), which runs from August 29 to September 1, 2017 The Haft-Tape Sugar Cane Syndicate in this message, wishing success for the IUF Congress, regretted and wrote that it was not allowed to participate in this World Congress due to security restrictions imposed on them as a member of this union. Held in Geneva, “We appeal to elected representatives at the 27th Iuf World Congress to condemn the continued violation of workers’ rights in Iran and the arrest and harassment of Haft Tapeh workers. Your urgent measures, including the adoption of an emergency resolution at the congress, will be very helpful. Thank you very much and we wish you success and win. ”
More than 60 Haft Tapeh sugar cane workers have been tried due to participation in the strike and also on charges of “provoking workers”. Also, the Branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Court on Andimeshk summoned Ali Nejati a member of the board of directors of the syndicate to jail, on August 24, 2017. Ali Nejati has been sentenced to six months in prison.
International support of jailed workers in Iran and the condemnation of security sentences against labor and social activists around the world:
– ITF,
– IndustriALL Global Union , which represents 50 million workers
-5th largest syndicate of French workers, S. F.D.T. U.S. Ounce; Sweeder & F. Syndicate Union.
-British Trade Union Congress
– transport union in Sweden (61000 members)
– Union of Swedish Metal Workers (313,000 members),
– Swedish Municipal Workers Union (Kommunal), 500000 members
-LO Sweden, 1467417 members
– Canadian Public Service Workers’ Association
-The Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft (German United Services Trade Union), Ver.di
-Statements by workers’ organizations in Iran. They condemned sentences against labor activists, such as Reza Shahabi, a member of the executive board of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company, issuing a lash barbarism sentence for Shapur Ehsani Rad, a member of the executive board of the Free Union of Workers of Iran, Summoning Mahmoud Beheshti, member of the Teachers’ Association of Tehran which has sentenced to 14 years jail, Summoning Ali Nejati, a member of the board of directors of the Haft Tapeh cane sugar union, with has sentenced to 6-month jail.
-Statement by a number of labor activists and teachers and social activists in support of Reza Shahabi and in protest of his return to prison for imposing 968 more days and against libel barbarism against Shapour Ehsani
-Statement of 331 teachers, workers and students activists. … in protest of the summons of Mahmoud Beheshti and Ali Nejati. Statement of Workers’ Activists and Teachers.
The important demands of the workers of all these statements are to abolish all the security orders issued to labor activists, teachers, and social activists, and to end the security of the struggles and the immediate release of Reza Shahabi, Esmail Abdi, Mohsen Omrani and all political prisoners.

Workers of the world united
Workers Solidarity Network of the Middle East and North Africa