Mahmoud Salehi was released

Mahmoud Salehi was released

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Pressure on Jafar Azimzadeh to force him back to the jail

November 23, 2017, Mahmoud Salehi a well known worker activist after a widespread global campaign was released from prison. Thank you for all your support.

He was in prison for 24 days. 24 days in prison he was released. He was sentenced to one year in prison and after 24 days jail released. He was fined to 3milion instead of going to prison

Mahmoud Salehi was exposed to and contracted a variety of diseases when previously in the prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran.. He is undergoing hospitalization and dialysis, and he is in dire need of dialysis every week and has severe heart problems. Despite this situation, the Islamic regime arrested and imprisoned him and sentenced him to one year   jail. This highlights the cruelty of the criminal Islamic regime.

He should be treated immediately and free of charge.

-Esmail Abdi and Mahmoud Beheshti, two members of the executive board of Teachers Association of Tehran are in the fourth quarantine cell of Evin prison. According to the latest news, on October 24th, criminal agents of the security guards of Evin prison raided this cell, which is currently the place where a number of political prisoners are being held. With this raid, they beat up the prisoners and vandalized the cell.

In addition, Mohsen Omrani, a protesting teacher in Bushehr; and Mokhtar Asadi, a member of the Kurdistan Teachers’ Association, have been sentenced to one year in prison. An important challenge for teachers is to demand freedom for their fellow teachers and all other political prisoners. Teachers have expressed this call repeatedly in their protests and campaigns but are not being heard by the government.

-Reza Shahabi, a well-known member the executive board of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs, has been sentenced to more than 968 more days of imprisonment, despite having spent six years in jail. He went on a hunger strike in protest of this verdict. After an extended campaign of support and solidarity with him, after 50 days, he conditionally halted his hunger strike after promises from the authorities to look into his condition. But he is still in jail.

-Judicial authorities have issued an order to enforce returning Jafar Azimzadeh, chair of the board of directors of the Free Trade Union of Workers of Iran, to the prison by wanting to confiscate what is called bail on his release.

There is now a powerful campaign both inside Iran and globally which has been launched for the release of Reza Shahabi, Esmail Abdi, Foad Zandi, Mahmoud Beheshti, Mohsen Amrani, Mokhtar Asadi, Athena Daemi and all political prisoners. There is also protests against pressure on Ja’far Azim Zadeh to bring him back to jail. Please support us and support the Campaign Against Secularizing Workers’, Teachers’ and the General Public’s Protests in Iran.

mpaign to Free Jailed Workers

November 23, 2017